April Books

Hey all, I have been quite sick again but just on weekends, that sucks! I don't know what's wrong but I have been feeling weak and had vertigo for the past 3 weekends, so it hasn't been the best to read or be on the computer. As a result I just haven't had much time... Continue Reading →

Going Back to Work… A Rant

Hey guys, So I didn't read much this month but I was super excited to post my reading wrap-up today. I did read MORE than usual, but I was also working only 20% due to the virus so I could have read way more than that. Which is why I wanted to do a 30... Continue Reading →

30 in 30 Check-In

Hey all, So I'm not going to fool myself: I'm never going to make it (≧▽≦) Today is the 26th and I have read 10 books so far! Woohooooo!! Ok it's not that bad since only one of these was a manga, the rest are all novels ( and some were quite long), AND I've... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Holdout

Hey all, If you're familiar with my blog you know that I don't usually do full-length book reviews because I don't have enough to say or enough time, and prefer to stick to short reviews in my monthly wrap-ups. However, from time to time I enjoy doing a review because a book was great and... Continue Reading →

2020 Challenges Check-In

Hey guys, I hope you had and are still having a good Easter weekend! I'm at home of course, just enjoying the fact that in my region we get a 4-day weekend so I don't have to work (★^O^★) Did you do anything special? Did you also have a long weekend? I have purchased Final... Continue Reading →

March Books

Hey all, I feel like I've read good books in March even though I haven't checked my list yet to make this post, so let's see whether I actually gave a lot of books a good rating! I have consumed quite a lot of content so I'll just split this into regular books and comics/mangas.... Continue Reading →

My April TBR

Hey guys, I haven't done a TBR (on here or in real life) for months now, and I feel like it could help me get back on track for April! I am still working as much as usual for now, so I won't set myself a crazy goal, but I might start working only 20%... Continue Reading →

3 March Releases on my Radar

Hey all, The atmosphere these days is just so bizarre, I didn't really know what to write today! I've been working from home for a week and this is going to continue until the end of the month. After that, management decided that we'll only be working 20% because we don't know whether clients will... Continue Reading →

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