Most Anticipated Books – My 2020 TBR

Hey all, It's already the last day of our vacation! Tomorrow we're leaving the US and going back to Switzerland, I'm packing the hubby's suitcase because we have to cram a lot in there and he doesn't have the patience to fold everything super small (^_<)~☆ I'm wondering how much we will have to pay... Continue Reading →

End of Year Survey – 2019 Edition

Hey all, I love the year-end survey created by Jaimie and was so eager to do it again this year! My answers for 2018 can be found here. I always try to not mention the same book twice, even if it would fit several categories, so that I get to promote more books! **2019 READING... Continue Reading →

2019 is Over! Time to Reminisce

Hey all, It's 2020 already!! I can't believe how fast 2019 went by!! (○□○) It was a great year overall and I'm pretty happy with everything that happened, even though some events were a bit tough (moving by myself while the hubby was away, and the worst was having way too much fucking work). It... Continue Reading →

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