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Hey all,

I did the Perfect Book tag a few weeks ago and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. And while I was doing it I was also thinking of all the books I really didn’t like in all those categories, so I thought I would do the opposite tag, which I’m calling the Not-So-Perfect Book tag (can I call it a semi-original tag?)

The Rules

  1. If possible try to not mention the same book twice, it’s more fun that way
  2. It’s a funny tag where you can rant about terrible (or just meh) books so have FUN!
  3. Just do whatever you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Tag me if you decide to do it, I would love to see your answers

My Take


pick a book that undermines the genre as a whole


Alice by Christina Henry was a horrible retelling. It was extremely linear, not dark enough, the characters fell flat and the ending was anti-climatic. It was super short but I couldn’t wait for it to be over.


pick a book with dialogue written so poorly that it made you cringe 


My Absolute Darling made me cringe in so many ways, but the dialogue was the worst. Examples:

“He drops to one knee and takes her into his arms. ‘Christ,’ he says, ‘Christ, Jesus Christ, kibble. Be careful. Christ, kibble. Christ.’ He drops her and she stands there, her waist encircled by his embrace. ‘How big you’re getting,’ he says, ‘how strong. My absolute darling. My absolute darling.’”

“This cheese is sick. I mean, fucking dank, is all. I know you don’t believe, but truth, I mean truth.”


pick a book that takes place in a location that you wish hadn’t been picked


I Hear Your Voice by Young-Ha Kim is partially set during a motorcycle race and it felt so weird and completely pulled me out of the story.


pick the most annoying main character


All the Feels had so much potential and it was so disappointing! It could fit many categories: most annoying best friend (more of a caricature that a real character), most annoying family relationships (because the main character is an ass and its easier to write stereotypes), worst judgmental first IRL meeting, etc. But I’ll put it in the most annoying main character box because all the bad things are due to the main protagonist being annoying as fuck. I even felt the need to write my longest Goodreads review ever for that book and I’m sad I didn’t write one on my blog.


a blurb that was so far from the truth that it made you do a double-take and check you had read the right book


The blurb for Baby Doll by Hollie Overton is “For fans of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, Baby Doll is the most tense thriller you will read this year” and it is completely wrong. There is no tension in this book, no mystery to solve (we know who did it from Chapter 1) and no twists; it has absolutely nothing to do with those 2 other books plot-wise. Oh and the book was horrible.


from whiny attention-seeker to full-on traitor, pick a character that you think is the worst friend ever


Percy in The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue is so self-centered, I had trouble finishing this book. He was just an asshole and I didn’t want to read anything about him. I pushed through because I was listening to the audio on a plane but I really don’t see why everyone’s raving about that one, it was just plain bad.


pick a character you think would be an awful romantic partner


Beck from You by Caroline Kepnes is a horrible human being and I know Joe is supposed to be the creep but I was actually rooting for him because Beck just deserved everything that was coming her way.


pick a character that you thought would have amazing evil plans but fell short and disappointed you 


Voldemort in the Harry Potter series could have been so much more… but the end of the series was just so disappointing, no one ever became good at magic (are they really still only using Stupefy in book 7??) and it was just sad. I loved books 1 to 5 to death, but book 6 started going downhill and book 7 was just plain disappointing. After all these years I’m still mad about it and don’t understand why no one else felt let down. 


pick a horrible bookish family


History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund has not 1 but 2 horrible families! Very different but both very bad, especially if you’re a kid and have to rely on adults to keep you safe. It’s even worse because it’s realistic, it’s not a thriller or a horror book and you just know this could happen in real life. I have a full review here.


pick a book with the worst plot twist


Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris had the most horribly unbelievable and stupid twist I’ve ever read! I’m so glad I didn’t DNF that book because I can now say it’s probably the worst book I’ve read in my entire life.


pick that trope you wish would be avoided in all future publications

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone so not going to mention a specific title here, but I HATE it when authors HAVE to make their main protagonist pregnant even though she never felt like having kids, but as soon as she realizes she’s pregnant suddenly it’s the best thing that has ever happened to her. Especially in thrillers. That’s not what we’re here for. We’re here for you to solve murders, not puke your breakfast every 5 pages!! Women do not need to be mothers to be accomplished.


pick that awful cover that almost made you miss a great book


Dear Mrs Bird by A.J. Pierce was an underrated gem of a book but that cover is so ugly, I understand why no one’s talking about it. Too bad, if you ever see it I recommend you pick it up!


pick a book that has the most disappointing ending


Sweetpea by C.J. Skuse started out SO GOOD and the ending was so unnerving! I won’t pick up book 2 because that ending was a total screw-up for me, it kind of transformed the book from a fun thriller to some kind of a paranormal tale? I don’t want to spoil it but that plot device was horrible and exactly the type of thing I hate.


pick a book that was so hyped that it disappointed you, and you can’t understand why everyone loves it so much


The Shades of Magic Trilogy was just so underwhelming… I don’t know what it was but I just didn’t click with it. Everyone seems to have strong feelings about the characters but none of them was interesting enough for me to feel invested in their adventures. At one point I thought I would love Alucard but then he was relegated to the shadows and his story was never developed. The story was also wrapped up in a convenient way that never became epic. Just overall disappointing.

This was a lot of fun and it let me get in touch with my inner meanie, which sometimes has to come out because it keeps me sane. I’m always scared that something that I will post will offend someone and I’m soooo tired of that (more to come on that in another post), so this was a good therapeutic moment!( ☆ω☆ )



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If you’d like to do the tag and I didn’t tag you, consider yourself tagged and let me know when you post! If you’re a fan of rant reviews like I am, I think this could be a lot of fun!

Thanks for stopping by! (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

see you soon

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  1. I actually didn’t like Alice when I originally read it either, but it’s been a year or two since then and I’ve since learnt to really appreciate Henry’s retelling of the story. I respect your opinion though! Hopefully, you’ll like her other retellings?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Did you read the second book? I wonder if I would like it more. Do you have any of her other works to recommend? I probably won’t pick another one unless it’s recommended to me 🙂


      1. I actually never read the second book because I found the first one to be soo hard to read, in terms of the themes. I can definitely recommend Lost Boy to you because it’s one of my favourite books! 💕

        Liked by 1 person

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