Going Back to Work… A Rant

Hey guys,

So I didn’t read much this month but I was super excited to post my reading wrap-up today. I did read MORE than usual, but I was also working only 20% due to the virus so I could have read way more than that. Which is why I wanted to do a 30 in 30, it was the perfect timing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, the wrap-up is not happening today because I’m feeling awful both physically and mentally and have to go lie down pretty soon.

This month was great for a few things: working from home, working only 20%, and Final Fantasy VII Remake, which I finished this morning. I cried, it was just fantastic!!!

But on the other hand, depression and anxiety happened. Not because of the lock-down, I am anxious because I LOVED working from home, and now I have to go back to work, and that sucks balls, and I hate it, and I wish I could do home office at least for another month (which is what all the big companies my friends work for are doing). Work for a small firm they said, they will be more human they said. Guess what: they’re not, and I’m pissed!! (◣_◢)

So basically I’m not “at risk”, my husband is. And the law they created for covid-19 doesn’t apply to spouses, so doctors can’t give me a medical certificate to say that I should work from home to protect my husband. And even though the federal government’s rules say that employers should provide remote working if possible, and ENCOURAGE it, my company are a bunch of assholes and don’t want to help. Sorry but there’s no other word.

I had an argument with my boss who thinks “remote working doesn’t work” because he didn’t know exactly wheat we were doing every day. I work on a computer all day, I don’t need to physically be there! And I think the timesheet broken down by 15-minute increments that we have to fill in every day to indicate all we do, as well as the to-do list we have to publish on the shared drive are enough to micro-manage us, but apparently not. So I should – their words – be extremely happy that they allow me to work from home twice a week and come super early in the morning to avoid rush hour. Oh and did I mention I’m being moved to a “secluded part” of the open space for my own comfort (when I had an office before). Yeah, sounds amazing…

So I’m back at work on freaking Monday and I want to puke. Sorry about the rant but it’s HEALTH we’re talking about, not the fact that I don’t want to sit next to the weirdo at work or the fact that I don’t want to wake up early, or wear pants. My husband’s health is not good, and it scares me to take public transportation and interact with colleagues all day. If it was complicated to do because I had to meet clients, I would understand, but I work on a freaking computer all day!! I call clients maybe once a day…

So yeah I was so anxious that we had to change my medication last week and I started on Saturday. I’ve been spending the last 2 days dizzy, nauseous and exhausted. Sounds like tomorrow is going to be amazing. Maybe I’ll take time to draft a resignation letter to have at the ready, that will improve my mood.

I’m very sorry about the rant and promise to get back on topic and publish my wrap-up as soon as possible! (^ω^)I also want to do a TBR and a wrap-up of my movies for the first quarter, and show your my journal. But for now I’m off to bed before I feel too sick.

Hope you’re doing ok in quarantine, that your friends and family are healthy, and that your employers provide you with adequate benefits and work conditions. Stay safe! 

Thanks for stopping by! (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

see you soon



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